Hi, I’m Niko Flux.

A woman you met in a dream. A work of art in progress. A playful, feline femme fatale.

My weapons of choice? Cascades of black hair down to my derriere. Red lacquered lips. Wicked, intelligent eyes. Slender, shapely curves dressed in lace, leather, and latex.

All through my childhood, I lived on the thresholds between different worlds. Raised partly in New York and partly in Shanghai, I carry both East and West inside me.

A shy and reserved child, I retreated into my fantasies. The world around me was bleak, passionless, and—worst of all—it was not beautiful. Inside my mind, I sought out what was wild, lush, and gorgeous. That kept me curious and alive.


As I was growing up, I never stopped pursuing beautiful things, in a path that took me through a degree in Fine Arts and Art History, and many journeys around the world. All pleasures interest me, including those that take the form of pain. Including the less straightforward ones, the taboo ones, the forbidden ones.

As a young Dominatrix, I’m still in the process of growing and learning, but my fascination with fetish and kink has taught me a great deal that I love to share. I enjoy being a corrupter of curious novices as well as a partner-in-crime for seasoned submissives and fetishists. My sessions are an adventure into a world of our creation. In this world, you can explore other selves, and I am the guide who channels them.

I like to start my sessions by taking some time for a conversation about you—your passions, your kinks, your limits.


If you’re wondering about me, here are some things I’d love to do together.

Sensation play—little clamps on your naughty bits and nails dragging lightly all over you. Is this torture or bliss?

Impact play—with my hand, with a paddle, with a crop, with a whip, with a cane. Your pain is my delight.

Toilet training—a real gift, from my deepest insides to yours. A favorite.

Psychological play—because you need to be forced into wanting it. Because you need to be degraded to feel whole.

Service—I like those who like putting my pleasure first.

Tease and denial—always wanting, never satisfied.

Other interests smoking fetish & human ashtray, human furniture, foot/boot worship, cross-dressing, sploshing, latex worship, orgasm control, chastity training.


Want to reach out? Please make sure you’ve read through the Play and Protocol pages, and then you’re ready to fill out my Contact form.