A little about Me...

I was raised by a naturally Dominant woman. As I was growing up, I saw how My mother would wind men around her little finger, from friends to coworkers to bosses. Her discipline was tough, and her standards impeccably high. The older I get, the more respect I develop for those beautiful, insatiable women who are able to exercise their feminine power to its full potential.

At the same time, the environment I grew up in was extremely sheltered, and I had very little freedom for most of My life. Those limitations drove My mind to expand. My fantasies were everything. I lived many lives; journeyed through time and space; dreamed of passion, pleasure, and adventure. That unquenchable curiosity is what lead Me into kink.

Nothing is more delicious to Me than the world of the Taboo. On the margins of what's been normalized in civilized life, there are so many beautiful sensations to be explored. Like the stinging kiss of a whip, the thud of leather hitting flesh, the slick slide of satin panties, or the hot flush of shame spreading across your face. Like My laughter in your ears as little clamps pull tightly at your naughty, sensitive bits.

Let me guide you through the landscape of your fantasies. I want to stretch the limits of what you or I thought was possible. 

Come with Me on this journey.