San Francisco & Oakland with Mistress Sybil

There are many Dommes I admire and love to work with, but one person occupies a special place in my heart. This is the woman with whom I began my kinky adventures: Sybil Fury. Fiercely intelligent and devastatingly beautiful. We have so much fun together.

I’ll be visiting her in the Bay Area from March 8-9.

I’ve compiled a little list of things that we love to do. Some are in the past, some are in the future. Some are dearly cherished fantasies. Now, tell me…what’s your fantasy?

  • We invite over all our beautiful friends. You arrive with an array of cheeses and charcuterie. You fall to your hands and knees. Your back is the table you’ll be serving us on. Try not to budge as you pour out our glasses of wine — one little spill, and the consequences will be dire.

  • You drive us to the store to pick out beautiful lingerie. Then, you drive us to the lesbian sex party where we fuck gorgeous women all night. Then, you drive us to the taco truck.

  • We host an art show about sex work, featuring the artwork of sex workers. No, you’re not here to look. You’re the display. How about hanging this piece from your nipple clamps?

  • Chained and blindfolded in a corner of the luxurious hotel room you paid for, you listen to us feeding each other fruit and chocolates and talking all night. Your only task of the night: staying quiet and pouring us champagne from your mouth gag.

  • Let’s play a game. If you lose, we get to beat your ass black and blue. If you win, you get to massage our feet. Monopoly? Chess? You pick. But it’s two brains against one.

  • Take us out to a lovely restaurant. Gaze upon our beauty over a delicious meal. Unfortunately, there’s a TENS unit hooked up to your genitals, and we’ll be using it whenever we please.

Submit your inquiries through my contact form. Priorities go to double sessions.