Blood Money

Lucas Lucas, August 10-19, 2018
An intimately interactive art show by sex workers about sex work.

Blood Money rejects the fallacy that all sex work is either inherently exploitative or inherently empowering. It plunges viewers into the intersection of money, sex, and power. Blood is a metaphor for the female body with all its vitality, horror, and holiness. Sex workers sell this feminine life force, and our psyche and bodies bear the cost. Money is the medium through which we uphold capitalist and patriarchal systems of power, while subverting our status as women, laborers, and objects of desire.

Curated and produced by Caroline Caldwell, Mistress Niko, and Mistress Sybil Fury, the opening events on August 10th and 11th featured artworks mounted on the bodies of male submissives. By inviting actual clients and sex workers to share this space, the stakes are real, the money is real, and every visitor found themselves implicated in unexpected ways.

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Listen to the Peepshow Podcast episode dedicated to the experience of the interactive opening event. Link here.

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A few images from My performance--