Play is the most beautiful part of life, isn’t it? It’s a chance to dream up other selves, to let our minds and bodies explore. And there are so many ways to do it. Here are a few personal favorites.

  • Sensation play—little clamps on your naughty bits. Nails dragging over your body. Hot wax pouring over your chest. Silky nylons smothering your face.

  • Impact play—with my hand, with a paddle, with a crop, with a flogger, with a cane. Your pain is my delight.

  • Toilet training—a real gift, from my deepest insides to yours. A favorite.

  • Psychological play—because you need to be forced into wanting it. Because you need to be degraded to feel whole.

  • Service—I like those who like putting my pleasure first.

  • Tease and denial—always wanting, never satisfied. A lovely contradiction.

  • Human furniture—because being useful is glorious.

  • Single-tail whipping.

  • Fetish play—including foot/shoe/boot worship, latex, or anything else we can think up.

Other interests smoking fetish & human ashtray, CBT and ball-busting, feminization, sploshing, orgasm control, chastity training.


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