scrawny j.

Thank you so much Mistress Niko. The sessions that I’ve done with you have been exhilarating and challenging. I so appreciate your experience and professionalism. I know that I was having a hard time expressing it at the time, but I very much appreciate you insisting and pushing me beyond my comfort level at the end. It’s your natural right to do so, and it allowed me to make progression in serving you. Your own enthusiasm for it was contagious. 

piggy s.

I was a complete novice to BDSM when I came in for my first session with Mistress Niko. From the moment she entered the room, I knew that I was in the right place. She is stunning in her photos, but absolutely breathtaking in person. I was drooling... We talk for a minute, and she makes sure that I'll feel safe and comfortable the whole way through. Then the session begins and she leads me like a siren to my downfall... I couldn't believe how much I could endure for her. She labelled my tiny dick as a "pig in a blanket," shut me up in her cage, and proceeded to tease me mercilessly. It felt amazing to lose control like that. Every time that I see her, I want to push myself further and further. 

sissy jasmine

Unbelievable session with Mistress Niko. Can’t wait to come back again and have you make me your sissy slave, punishing my pathetic little clit